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Monday, March 8, 2010

Training in Skaneateles - March 1 to March 8

I spent the week at my mom’s home in Skaneateles. Usually that means all I can do is running workouts, but I discovered that the Community Center accepts drops-in for a daily fee, so I was able to swim.

And since the week before Skaneateles got with almost two feet of snow, I was able to supplement my running and swimming with some snow shoveling.

I was weighing only about 180 on my mom’s scales all week and feeling really lean, but when I got back home today and weighed myself I was over 188. So I gained maybe a couple of pounds from less workout s and the constant temptation from the dozen cookies that Mom leaves out on the kitchen counter all the time. The weight gain is Mom’s fault.

I needed to gain a few pounds anyway before I travel to Phoenix to stay with Tom and Carol the week before the Lake Havasu Tri, since my sister doesn’t allow stuff like cookies or ice cream or butter or cheese or even potato chips.

Week Ending:                              2/21       2/28       3/7

Weight                                        186.6     185.0     187.5

Swim                                            2.9          2.8        3.7

Bike                                             4.0          4.8        3.3

Run                                              3.4          3.8        2.9

Yoga/ Pilates                               1.5

Strength                                      1.0           1.0        2.6

Basketball                                                   2.3

Massage                                                     1.0

Total Hours                               12.8         15.7      12.5

Monday: 7 AM – Spin with Heather; Swim drills after spin class;

Tuesday: 6 AM –  Masters swim - 75 minutes; spin bike workout after swim - 135 minutes;

Wednesday:  travel day; shoveled snow 20 minutes;

Thursday: 8 AM – Swim in Community pool; worked on drills - 60 minutes; shoveled pation - 60 minutes;

Friday: 7 AM – Ran - 55 minutes; swam 45 minutes; shoveled snow 45 minutes;

Saturday: 7 AM - Ran - 55 minutes; shoveled snow 45 minutes;

Sunday: 7 AM - Ran - 65 minutes;

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