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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ironman C'oeur d'Alene - The Race in Pictures (of me)

I sprung for the value pack of photos of the race and I am going to use them everywhere I can.

Here is a photo essay of Ironman CDA featuring one of the competitors who made almost full use of the 17 hours they allow to complete the race.

This is the only photo in which I am not featured. I was way in the back to avoid being swum over by all these folks. It didn't look this bad from my perspective but that was probably because I was looking down at my feet.

Ninety-two minutes after entering the water I emerged, with very cold arms.  The swim was actually sort of fun - like a giant game of water polo. This is probably the fastest I ran all day.

I am about mount the bike and start off on my 112 mile ride. This was a critical moment in my race as I sometimes have trouble getting my leg over the bar and I desperately wanted to avoid face planting in front of the crowd.

This is just one of the hundreds of bikers who passed me on the course.  I was curious as to how far ahead of me this guy finished, but when I went to the athlete tracker I discovered that he didn't finish the bike course.

In the inspirational film the day before the race they reminded us that the only thing we could control was our attitude. So every time I saw a photographer on the course I tried to smile.

This is my wife's favorite picture.  It was taken after the last big hill on the second lap of the course. I can tell because I've removed my arm warmers and I'm too tired to wipe my nose.

I ran most of the marathon with my number covered by my tee shirt. But at mile 25 I remembered that the finish line announcer would want to know who I am, so I made the number visible even though it ruined the fashion look I was trying to achieve. 

At mile 16 they made me put on that glow stick that is wrapped around my neck because the sun had set. 

Mr. Ironman

A few minutes after this picture was taken the adrenalin-effect wore off and I could barely walk.  That condition only lasted a couple of days.  

It was a great experience.  Maybe I'll do it again someday.  

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