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Monday, August 17, 2009

Bike Crash!

Fortunately it was my son Stephen that crashed and not me. I know that doesn’t sound very fatherly, but he’s young and strong and durable. And he’s a former high school gymnast who often used his face as a landing pad. He knows how to fall.

After competing in a half-ironman two weeks ago and an international triathlon last week, Stephen decided he could squeeze in one more tri before we carted him off to NYU so he could begin his Phd program in Chemistry. He sighed up for the Pleasant Prairie Sprint Triathlon in Wisconsin that was held yesterday.

As he explained it to us, the first forty two minutes of the race were fine. He did okay on the swim, but had trouble spotting the buoy on the return leg, which cost him some time. He was cruising on the bike. This week he had raised his saddle height by over two centimeters and he figured his speed had increased two to three mph. He doesn’t have an odometer but told me he can calculate the speed in his head based on the mileage markers. He’s a math wizard, but I’m still dubious.

At the eight mile mark there was a 90 degree turn and in the center of the turn three manhole covers. When he hit the covers he lost control of the bike and skidded off the road and into the drainage ditch. The guy behind did the same thing, but avoided the ditch.

He’s a little stiff today and the bruises on his face are much more colorful, but he declined my request for another picture or a reenactment of the crash. We are thankful he wasn’t hurt and it is a good reminder for me as I head off to Tuscaloosa. If I had crashed like that I’d probably be in the hospital now.

Workout: Saturday: 40 mile Bike ride with Start2Finish guys. Sunday: 45 minutes in heated Y pool. The temperature of the pool is about 85 degrees – the sames as the water temp in Tuscaloosa. Not much fun swimming in that water, I’m hopeful it will be more pleasant outside.

Weight: 187.4

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