Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Novel so Far - 2 years later

In October 2009 I reported in this blog about my three year effort to write my novel, "American Jukebox." The novel chronicles the life of a minor league baseball player whose life unravels after he fails to make it to the major leagues. Told against the backdrop of America’s postwar challenges from Little Rock to Viet Nam, it is a story of how youthful decisions, made in haste, can reverberate through the decades, and affect the lives of everyone we love.

I am now well into my fifth rewrite. I know it sounds almost sisyphean to continue to work on the same project for years, but it is a good novel and I think I am getting close. 

Meanwhile, during fallow periods I have continued to write short fiction and in the last few months I've had a number of stories published: 

The Girl from Yesterday    was published by Specter Magazine in January. This story was a chapter in an earlier version of AMERICAN JUKEBOX.

The Bump  - Journal of Compressed Creative Arts

Nina's Song  - Absinthe Revival

This Train Makes all the Stops  - Washington Pastime

The Toll Collector  - Boston Literary Magazine

4 A. M. - Eunoia Review

Links to these stories are provided in the table of my published stories at the bottom of the blog.