Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Elkhart Lake Triathlon - June 13, 2015

After the race with Dan Coots

On Saturday I competed in my third Elkhart Lake Triathlon.  It is a great venue for an Olympic Tri. It is located at the Osthoff Resort on Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin.  It's spectator friendly, the lake, at least the last three years, has been smooth and reasonably warm and the bike and run courses are scenic and offer some nice hill challenges, which we don't always get in Illinois. 

My favorite part of the race is that it gives me a chance to visit my friend Dan Coots and (Nancy) who have graciously provided my wife and me with pre-race lodging at their home in Appleton.  Dan and I are proud members of the Canandaigua Academy Class of 1969. 

I finished third this year in my age group, 37 seconds behind the second place finisher and one tenth of a second ahead of the fourth place finisher. 

Here are the results for the last three years (the bike course is 28 miles instead of the standard 25 miles:
6/13/15 2:58:30 33:05 2:01 3:41 1:27:58  19.1  2:30 51:10 8:14
6/7/14 3:09:33 31:49 1:56 3:01 1:33:21  18.0  3:42 57:40 9:17
6/8/13 2:56:51 31:37 1:55 4:14 1:26:44  19.3  2:52 51:24 8:16

Race Schedule:  

Ricky Byrdsong Race Against Hate - June 21, 2015
Lake Zurich, IL Olympic Triathlon - July 12, 2015
USAT Nationals - Milwaukee - August  8, 2015

Another nice feature of this race is that they provide complimentary digital photos.