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Monday, August 3, 2009

Squaw Valley

I am at Squaw Valley Writer’s Conference this week. Wireless is only available in the main lodge so in order to keep up with the blog I have to lug my laptop a mile, which I am happy to do, about every other day I think.

This is a great place to workout, the air is clean and really really dry and there are great paved bike baths. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my bike and the conference schedule is so full that the only time I have to squeeze in a workout is early morning.

I’ve run the last two mornings. Perfect conditions, about sixties degrees, sunny and it is neat to run with the ski slopes rising up on all sides. I am recovering from my dual hamstring strains, and so I have been very careful to stretch before and after and so far I have not pushed any of the runs.

Confidence for the Tuscaloosa race is going to be a big thing. Right now every twitch or minor pain in either of my legs gives me concern and I find myself slowing down, worried that the muscle is going to tear. I know that before the injuries I had those kinds of random pains, and didn’t pay them any mind and that is where I have to get back by the time I race.

But I have time. Today’s run was better than yesterday’s so I am hopeful that I can slowly rebuild confidence.

The conference is great. I’ll report on that tomorrow.

Workouts: Saturday: 30 minute run; Sunday: 55 minute run; Monday: 35 minutes:

Weight: No idea, but I’m sure I have lost many pounds. No serious deserts and no wine and cheese. Just wine and beer and sometimes some more beer for the evening sessions.

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