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Monday, September 28, 2009

Channel Swim - Part 2

Todd's wife Jennifer tweetered his progress on his attempt to swim the channel:

1. Jennifer is tweeting today for me. I'm on the boat and ready to go.about 14 hours ago from txt

2. He's in the water now!about 13 hours ago from txt

3. A little over 1 hour in and just getting warmed up. It's daylight now!about 13 hours ago

4. 2 hrs in going strong. Weather is ideal.about 12 hours ago from txt

5. Almost 9 miles in, slowing down some, he said he feels floaty. Still swimming.about 8 hours ago from txt

6. Still going, getting close to the second shipping channel.about 7 hours ago from txt

7. 7.5 miles to go, swimming in the toughest part. Gotta keep him moving.about 6 hours ago from txt

8. Still going and Coach Craig is kicking his ass all the way to France. Hopefully only 6 miles to go!about 5 hours ago from txt

9. A swimmer & his crew that just finished made sure to bring their boat next to Todd to cheer him on. Very cool.about 4 hours ago from txt

10. In the final stretch off the coast of France. Getting really tough but he's still going.about 3 hours ago from txt

11. Less than 1 mile away! He's really having to push through mentally but he's making it.about 2 hours ago from txt

12. He just set foot on the beach in France! Swim time was 13 hours 35 minutes.5 minutes ago from txt

Awesome, Todd! Way to go!

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