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Monday, March 1, 2010

Training with Lady Gaga

Craig ramped up my time on the bike this week. My bike workouts right now (when I’m not in Phoenix) are either spinning classes or on the trainer (my bike up on blocks with magnetic resistance to simulate hills). I don't like working out on the trainer. I’m stuck in one place and even with an iPod it gets tedious.

I usually pick the same artists for my iPod playlists: Lyle Lovett, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, the Eagles, Springsteen, Meat Loaf, Queen and Billy Joel. Sometimes Toby Keith if I’m feeling patriotic. But now with the workouts running two and two and a half hours long, I’m getting tired of hearing the same songs over and over again, so this week I went to Amazon and bought used CDs which I could add to my iPod.

I bought a couple of old Garth Brooks and Reba albums for about two dollars a piece and then to expand my musical horizons I bought the original Lady Gaga album. They warned me that the lyrics for several of the songs were “explicit” but so far I’ve haven’t been able to understand enough of the words to be offended. I’ll keep trying. Her stuff was actually the best for the hard sets. Garth and Reba are better for the cool-down.

Week Ending:        2/21            2/28           
Weight                186.6           185.0

Swim                     2.9               2.8
Bike                      4.0               4.8
Run                       3.4               3.8
Yoga/ Pilates         1.5
Strength                1.0               1.0
Basketball                                 2.3
Massage                                   1.0

Total Hours           12.8           15.7

Monday: 7 AM – Spin with Heather; Swim drills after spin class;

Tuesday: 7 AM – Ran on treadmill for 75 minutes; avg 7mph; total distance 8.5 miles;

Wednesday: 7 AM – Spin class with Billie; Strength workout with Nibra after spin class;

Thursday: 6 AM – Master swim class with Heather – 75 minutes;
                  7 PM – Run group at Y – 75 minutes;

Friday: 9 AM – Massage with Arawa – 60 minutes

Saturday: 6 AM – Masters swim class with Heather – 50 minutes;
                7AM – Outside run – 80 minutes; spin class after run (60 minutes);

Sunday: 8 AM – Bike trainer – 150 minutes;
               7 PM – Basketball – 120 minutes;

1 comment:

Ania Vesenny said...

Just yesterday I read this blog:, with its first para mentioning lady gaga in a totally unrelated manner, and I thought, are bloggers trying too hard in order to end up in google searches? And now you! At least you bought the album.

I can't be left behind. I need to write somethig about lady Gaga. Or not about Lady Gaga.

Happy training, Len. I think you do need more energetic music for the work outs. Like the CD we have in our van that has the kids screaming. I have no idea who's the performer is, and the key song is something like "i gotta pee" repeated 100 times, though I keep telling my husband she got a FEELING. A feeling! she doesn't need to pee that badly. but who really knows.