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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Training Update


It has been two weeks since the Lake Havasu Race.  My next race is the Wisconsin Half-Marathon on May 1. This is a run, not a triathlon and it will be the first time I've attempted that distance. The last two Sundays I've run 10 miles at a pace around nine minutes per mile. I'm hoping  I can run closer to an 8 minute pace for the race. 

Weather is turning warm in Chicago so it should be easier to complete the planned activities like bike rides. Last two Saturdays, I've cut my ride short - two weeks ago because it was 40 degrees out and my hands started to ache, and yesterday an hour into the ride it started to rain and the temperature had dropped from 70 to 50. I guess Phoenix has spoiled me.

Week Ending:           3/21/2010          3/28/2010         4/4/2010

Weight                       185.5                 188.0                186.6

Swim                             1.0                    1.0                   3.2
Bike                               2.0                    2.5                   2.4
Run                                1.0                    3.3                    4.0
Strength                          1.0                   1.0                    1.0
Basketball                                               2.0                                   
Race                              3.0

Total Hours                     7.0                  9.8                    10.6

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