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Monday, May 17, 2010

Tempe International Triathlon - Results

Near the finish line (I'm the guy on the right)

 I competed in the Tempe International Triathlon yesterday. It was a nice day with low humidity and the winds were light. The event was well-organized and there were plenty of great volunteers to hand out water and gatorade along the run segment. That was much appreciated, especially for all of us in the older age groups, as the race is run in waves and for some reason most triathlon organizers figure it's best to let the younger folks go off first. I was in the last age-group wave (50 and over) and we didn't go in the water until 7:15, which meant that when that picture above was taken it was about 10 am and 95 degrees. 

It's a dry heat, but the dryness is way overrated.

I was satisfied with my race. I finished each event strong with some reserves. I was probably a little too conservative because of the heat. I had a good pre-race hydration plan and I had enough gatorade/carbo pro on the bike segment to stay hydrated. I felt good on the run but I was a little concerned about leg cramps and didn't push the run as hard as I had planned.  

Here is how I did compared to my goal:

                       GOAL                                           ACTUAL
Event             Time           Pace              Time                Pace
------------   -------       -------              ------              -------
Swim:             36:00          2:11              33:13              2:02     
Transition:        2:00                                 2:10
Bike:              80:00         18.75 mph      78:31             19.1 mph
Transition:       1:30                                  1:50
Run:               49:00         7:53                53:32               8:33
                    ----------                         ---------
Total             2:48:30                              2:49:16

Age group place: 4th                                 12th out of 21st

A little disappointed in the 12th place finish, but it was good competition. Definitely room for improvement.
Next race:  Keuka Lake June 6, 2010
                                       Len               Colin           Tom         


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