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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tempe International Triathlon - Sunday May 16, 2010

My next race is Sunday at the Tempe International Triathlon. After the Havasu race in March I left my tri bike in Phoenix and trained at home with my road bike. That saved at least $200 on shipping charges for the bike.

I’ve been out here in Phoenix since Tuesday staying with Carol (sister #2) and Tom. Tom and Colin are racing in the sprint edition of the Tempe Tri and I am in the Olympic distance. I have been trying to come up with a realistic goal – but it is difficult because I haven’t raced this course before. I am certain the bike course will be less challenging than Havasu, but all of the swim times I’ve studied are longer than at Havasu, and I think perhaps my personal best swim time of 30 minutes at Havasu was because their course was short. Or the current propelled me. There won’t be any current in Tempe Town Lake so I’m not expecting a sub 30 minute time.

Havasu is a challenging bike course – lots of hills and turns and it took me about 83 minutes to complete. Then on the run, I had concerns about leg cramps and took it easy so it took me about 54 minutes. I know I can do better than that.

Here is my goal for this race:

Event           Time     Pace
------------ -------  -------
Swim:           36:00    2:11 per 100 yds
Transition:       2:00
Bike:             80:00     18.75 mph
Transition:       1:30
Run:               49:00    7:53 min/mile
 Total           2:48:30

Age group place:       4th

This would be a personal best by over 3 minutes. I’ll report back on Monday with the actual results.

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