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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lake Havasu Triathlon – March 19, 2011

Next Saturday I'm competing in my fourth Lake Havasu Triathlon. The race often coincides with Spring Break for the college crowd. I had hoped that there would be sort of a Girls Gone Wild scene with throngs of cheering thongs lining London Bridge as we finished the race, but apparently college kids don't get up before noon.

I am hopeful that this year I will have a good race here. The first year I cut the swimming course short and had to disqualify myself. The second year I made a wrong turn on the run segment and had to run an extra mile. Last year I finished 3rd in my age group and had a decent race, but my legs were cramping on the run and I wasn't able to really push myself.

This will be my first race in the 60-64 year cohort. But, of course, I am not even close to 60 yet. Still have over 2 months to go. But by tri rules that's my age group. So I should be the youngest. No age excuses. Unfortunately the guys still competing in their 60s have a lot of experience.

This is a difficult race for me to predict my performance because the weather conditions can be so extreme (and my performance so erratic.) Plus last year when we swam the official who told us where to swim made the course about 200 yards shorter than it was in previous years – which is why my time last year looked so good on the swim leg. So while I'm reluctant to make a prediction it's no fun if I don't, so here it is:
YearTotalSwim/ 100T1BikeMPHT2RunMin/Mile
 I know that I am stronger on the bike and in the water than I was a year ago. I've had intense workouts for the last two months. My legs feel good so I'm hopeful that I can do better than this goal. I'll report back after the race.


Jon Gilchrist said...

kick ass, my man!

cheryl said...

Hope you had a great race! Have always wanted to do this's on my list!