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Friday, May 13, 2011

Temple International Triathlon – May 15, 2011

I am out here in Phoenix for the Tempe International Triathlon at Tempe Town Lakes.

I ran this race last year so I know what to expect. The temperature will be in the 70s when we start but probably in the 90s by the finish of the run. It will be sunny. The only real unknown right now is whether they will allow wetsuits. If the water temperature is above 78 degrees they won't be allowed. The wetsuit buoyancy improves my swim time by a minute or more. Last year we got to wear them and I am going to assume for my goal setting that we will do be able to do so again.

Here's my goal:


I didn't swim very well last year, got a little off course, but I'm much more confident in my swimming this year and I know I can do that distance in 30 minutes. The bike course is flat and again, I need to hit it a little harder at the beginning. I've had weeks of training on the computrainer and I know I have the strength to push for 25 miles.

Last Saturday I ran the Wisconsin Half-Marathon and my time at the 10K mark was 50 minutes, so I don't think 52 minutes is an unreasonable goal for the run.

I will find out on Sunday, which happens to be my 60th birthday.

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