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Friday, June 7, 2013

Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin - Olympic Triathlon - June 8, 2013

Tomorrow I am competing in the Elkhart Lake Olympic Triathlon in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.  This race is the Midwest qualifier for the USAT National Championships which will be held in Milwaukee this year.

I failed to qualify at my first two races this year, but since this is a designated qualifying race I only have to finish in the top 5 or top 33% of my age group to qualify. Last year there were only six men in my age group in this race, but now that it is a qualifying race, there will probably be more.

I am optimistic. My Spinergy race wheel broke on the shipment back from Tempe so I had to buy new wheels. I thought $1,200 was a lot for a couple of rims but then the bike shop showed me a pair for $2,400 and the $1,200 didn't look so bad. It's only $60 a year if I can ride for the next twenty years.

So with all that high-priced technology I'll have to be faster on the bike. The water will be about 15 degrees colder than Tempe so I won't have to worry about my goggles fogging up. I'm afraid there is nothing I can buy to make me run faster, but at least it won't be 90 degrees when I start the run like it was in Tempe.  That will help. 

Here are my predictions:
 Year   Total   Swim   /100   T1   Bike   MPH   T2   Run   Min/ Mile 
Goal 2:40:30 0:31:00 1:53 2:30 1:16:00 19.7 2:00 0:49:00 7:53

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