Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Our daughters had wanted a puppy almost since they could say the word. We put them off for several years with hamsters, but eventually the hamsters, despite impressive procreation, finally died out. So I promised them that when I sold my business, which was based in Arizona we would buy a dog.

In 2001 the engine reman business which I owned with my brother-in-law Tom, was being strangled by our lender. We had a viable business, but they were killing us and I decided the only escape was to sell the company. For six months we negotiated with a competitor and we thought we had a deal but it fell through. The bank was not happy and they attempted to take over the company.

Every day was a gut-wrenching battle to pay suppliers and meet payroll while trying to find a solution before the bank forced us out. It was not the right time to buy a dog, but in a triumph of hope over common sense I agreed to buy a puppy from the next litter of cockapoos that were expected in early September.

To escape the bank’s grasp I put the company in bankruptcy on September 10, 2001. On the next day, the world changed for everyone. It also turned out to be the day that Sammy was born. We brought him home in early November and by January I had found a new financial partner and the company was saved (temporarily).

By 2004 I was out of the business and working out of my home as a consultant / writer. Sammy was my constant companion and I always read the first and second and third drafts of my stories to him. He was a good listener.

Sammy was a really cool dog. He died today after a short illness. Everyone in our family mourns his loss.

The Lion and the Lamb (Sammy's the Lamb)

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